You have heard about overnight successes, right?

As business owners, we know that to be an overnight success it takes a split second to make a decision that has been coming for years or even decades!  Tom Clancy says, “‘An overnight success is ten years in the making.”  But in that one moment when everything becomes clear, you can plan out an entire path to success in one minute.

Our goal is to take you to the very minute you become the success you know you were born to be.  It only takes one minute for you make the decision to change your life forever.  It takes one thought, one action . . . one step of faith!

[toggle title=”One Thought (5 seconds)” bgcolor=”” textcolor=”” bordercolor=”” opacity=””] It only takes five seconds for you to process all the little moments in your life that have lead you to the point of success where everything lines up and your whole life takes on new meaning. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”One Action (25 Seconds)” bgcolor=”” textcolor=”” bordercolor=”” opacity=””] In the next 25 seconds, your brain evaluates the actions you need to make your moment of success a reality. It is not a planning moment. It is a moment of clarity and inspiration that will feel like much more than 25 seconds. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”One Step of Faith (30 seconds)” bgcolor=”” textcolor=”” bordercolor=”” opacity=””] The next thirty seconds are crucial. Will you have what you need? Will you have doubts? Will you be ready? Put all of those out of your head and step out into your new revelation to be the overnight success that has been years in the making. [/toggle]


You never know what will spark that moment in your own life.  You never know who will push you to the next level and make you the next overnight success.  That is why we created this page. We want to give you resources and tools to prepare you for success.  We also want to offer you encouragement and inspiration along the way.  Who knows what one thing will push you over the edge and take you to the point your whole life has been leading you.



  • We have weekly one minute motivation videos with actionable steps.  Take those action steps and tell us all about your success.
  • We have exclusive video training seminars.
  • We have resources, both free and paid, to give you the tools you need to succeed.
  • We also offer personal and group coaching if you want less virtual and more mentor.